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The main character Jonathan opens his eyes on the bus one day.
The collapsed Tower Bridge had only broken things left.
Under attack by strange bugs, Jonathan must join forces with the rest of the bus passengers to escape from the Tower Bridge.

*201006 am 01:23  :  Save Error Fixed

*201014 : Drone animation bug Fixed

Updated 17 days ago
Published 25 days ago
Tags2D, Horrible, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Point & Click


FALL_201011.zip 43 MB


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A great game. Loved the story and the retro style. Unfortunately we encounterd many bugs and crashes.

Thank you for enjoying and streaming my game! I'll make some improvements on the next project. Thanks for the comment!

I'm guessing that when you use the drone on the broken window, it's not supposed to show Jonathan walking through the air. How do I fix this?

I'm sorry. That scene was supposed to have an animation of the drone...   The trigger was unknown because it didn't come out during my test.

But if you go to the right from the cobweb bridge, there will be no problem with the next step.

Thank you so much for playing my game!

I figured it out. Thanks! I had fun.

Honest Review:

This is honestly a very interesting concept that clearly borrows from the B-Movie Horror Movies. While I did enjoy experiencing this weird world. I did not enjoy the way it was executed after when you had the potential for a very interesting setup. I feel you are restricting yourself far too much in terms of a narrative approach. 

The story for the most part is able to be interesting but once you've seen The Mist or something similar, you already know where it's going. It's not your fault though. What I will point out is that you skip ahead to scenes that should be taken more seriously, these are lift threatening situations and I don't know what to feel in terms of emotion except for laughter. And it's not because it's badly written, it's because you push too much all at once. 

I understand as a writer or someone who likes to have a great story for their video game world... it can be very easy to lose track of things because you are super excited for the really action packed scenes or the dramatic scenes. I'm afraid... the buildup is terrible. I'm just being brutally honest with you. I know you may not like what I'm saying but you should be able to accept this criticism because I'm just trying to help you make this into the best game it possibly can ever be.

There were some interesting twists like the spider-like creature being able to use legs for something more than just legs. That's not a spoiler, I was very vague. Anyway, I feel the scenes where people die, etc. should be treated with a little more attention to detail and character development. You want the Player to feel for these characters, right? Well, it needs more buildup and better story progression. The gameplay for the most part is simplistic and it works. The movement may be a little slow though. The visuals are by far the most interesting in this game. I just wish you would try to flesh out the story more and have better buildup.

Anyway, I've got nothing more to say other than it was a fun experience. I just wish it had better progression. That's enough from me for now. I hope you continue working on this game and I'm sorry if my review has upset you in anyway whatsoever. I'm just going to say right now that your game is interesting and it does have potential to be more than what it currently is. It's all down to whether you decide to listen to criticsm and actually try to make these much needed changes. 

The DEMO was decent, that's all I can say...

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (Definitely needs more polish)


Thank you so much for your honest and detailed review! In fact, I know that the story is insufficient. I've never written a lot of stories.

so, I completed the game this much because I thought I could not get feedback if I did not leave a completed form by myself.

The detailed feedback you wrote was very helpful and thank you very much.

Based on that feedback, I will show you a much improved game in the next project.

Thank you very much again!

Giving the game a try, interesting so far, gross and unique style, reminds me of old Amiga days

Thank you so much for enjoying and streaming my game!

There are many awkward things about my game, but thank you so much for broadcasting and having fun!


Great atmosphere and really unique visuals, but a lot of little annoyances make it feel really rough around the edges.

For example, hotspots that are not indicated at all (e.g., when you want to go back inside the bus there is nothing telling you where to click; the influencer's bag is not signaled as interactable unless you actually click on it; the "old locker" hotspot is only active at the edges; etc), screen exits are not signaled, lots of missing interactions (clicking on something should at least display a "there  is nothing interesting there" message, not simply not do anything), very inconsistent spelling/capitalization, lack of clues as to what you're supposed to do next, etc etc.

Oh, and also this (I'm guessing the player character should have been replaced by the drone, but this didn't happen):

There is a lot of potential here and a lot to enjoy, but it still needs a lot of polish. A very cool first attempt at a game in any case! 

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback!  As it was the first adventure game completed with ags, there were so many immature points.    

I'll improve it by referring to the comments. Thank you very much!

Happy to help and congratulations again!

There is a sense of immersion. It is fun to think about solving problems. Stimulate imagination

Highly recommend.

Thank you so much for enjoying the game!